Monday, September 10, 2018

Top 3 Robots with AI and friendly behaviour

Some Robots you can buy and put in your home as family

       In past years Robots are mainly developed for uses in those areas where humans have a risk of their lives. Robots are mainly developed to help humanity in wars, radiation affected areas or in space.
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

      But time has the power to change everything. Here I can remember something. In the 18th century if you say that we can go to the moon or travel in space as a vacation trip, what should the society react?  They would probably call you mad. But now this is possible.

       Time changes everything and as time passes by, men and machines become the good friends. It's hard to believe. Well, here we are going to spot out three robots with human-friendly behavior. With each document, we are adding here its youtube video so that you can read and watch its characteristics.

       1. COZOMO: It's a smart toy robot with Artificial Intelligence. It is full of smart packages. It brings robotics character to life. It has 4 transmission system with up to 50 gears. It is assembled with 300 different parts and complex AI algorithms. It is able to make 1000 decisions per second and also able to recognize the human face.

See the video here:

      2. PILLO:  Ow, this is a very smart robot made by Healthcare professionals and robotics experts. It is a healthcare robot. It can recognize you and your family member. Its smart camera is able to scan your body and it makes you remember about your health. It will also make you remember of your daily medicine doses. It's made regarding the aim to maintain a good healthcare timetable for a whole family.

See the video here:

     3. CHIP: We all know that dog is the most trusted animal. It can be your most faithful friend. Taking it in mind, robotics expert develope a dog like a robot named CHIP. It is a true human-friendly robot. You can command it, love it like a living dog. It will understand your feelings. It can feel your affection towards it. It is very much obedient and you can teach it new tricks. It has sensors so that it can overcome any obstacles that come in front of it. It can recognize its owner by its smart ben and you can also correct its behavior by just pressing like or dislike button on the ben.

See the video here:

      In my regards, this three are most human-friendly robots. These are also available in the market. So you can buy them.And put them in your home as family or friend.