Thursday, September 20, 2018

AI: Not Artificial Intelligence, but Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligent and artificial intelligence(AI):

         As we all now know what is Artificial Intelligence. The intelligence that is similar to human intelligence can be called AI.(for the difference between human and artificial intelligence, click here).

     Experts say that AI is for human replacement and it also seems like true. Driverless cars just prove it that in future many jobs will not be available. Some say full development of AI can be harmful to humans. I don't say that it will happen surely. But in the case of augmented intelligence, it is different.

What is Augmented Intelligence? 

          Augmented intelligence is also like artificial intelligence. But it is an alternative concept. Augmented intelligence is developed to help in human activities rather than replace them.

       For example, driverless cars are with Artificial intelligence features. But if in a car there is a system of detecting traffic or detecting some obstacles in front of it and warn the driver, then it is augmented intelligence. It means, augmented intelligence emphasize the supportive role of the

technology with the help of machine learning and deep learning. The idea of augmented intelligence was first proposed by Cybernetics and early computer pioneer in 1950s and 60.

         In many sectors augmented intelligence can be used:

        1. In Healthcare: an augmented intelligence algorithm can analyze patients health, vital signs, compare it with histories and knowledge and help the doctor to diagnose it.

        2. In Education:  An augmented algorithm can monitor the student's consciousness, examine them and help the teachers to find out solutions for teaching methods.


Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence are not so much different from each other in its technology, but coming into perspective it's much different. Artificial intelligence is a very new way of thought. But Augmented intelligence will always help people instead of replacing them, people will not lose jobs or at least we have to worry much more about the future. Truly sustainable development will be happened and will help people always in its manner.


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    1. Is it possible to repair or upgry human intelligence ? Can you tell us more on this?