Monday, September 3, 2018

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

    If you are coming to this article to read it, then you probably hear about Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

   Today we will go to discuss here what is Machine Learning, some uses, and the difference between ML and AI.
    Before starting Machine Learning, we should know what is a machine. Machine is a thing or system which help us to do works easily. It can be anything. It may a screwdriver or a computer. Anything that reduces human effort is a machine.

    Oh,  wait before coming to ML what do you think about a smart machine? Generally a computer. Is computer smart? No way, computers are efficient to do works what we command. Your pc may be fast, may have high processing speed but in the case of smartness, your pc is not so smart. Your pc only solves those works what you want to give it to solve. It doesn't have any intelligence or common sense. It can perform because it is previously programmed to do so.

    Now coming to the Machine Learning. It means simply that if a machine can learn and expert in something. For example, if a computer learns to solve questions like "How much you have if you got 3$ from your father and 9$ from your mother?"  then we can simply call it is as machine learning. Because it learns from its algorithms to solve new problems.

    Another example, we can take to understand the difference of it. Your computer can solve the very big equation but can't recognize a day by seeing its picture. If you manage to teach the computer by submitting many pictures of a dog, shape of them and behavior of dogs in its algorithm and one day you put another type of dog breed, then it also can understand that it's a dog by depending on its previous experience. It's machine learning.

     It means that if a machine starts learning from its experience and its surroundings and can be able to solve new problems, then it's called machine learning.

    Difference between ML and AI:

     We generally hear about AI when a new product is launched in the market. Companies tell us that it has AI features. Really? No....  AI and ML are different things. ML is a part of AI. Now coming to new products. It doesn't have AI, it has ML features. You are confused now. Yes, these are the difference between AI and ML.

     Let's understand it with our previous example of "Dog recognization by computer". Now if you teach a computer to recognize dog then it will be recognized dog though you put a new breed. But what happens if you put a cat in front of it?  It will not be able to recognize it. It means that ML is just an expert in one thing. If you teach a machine just one field then it will just able to perform itself in that particular field or its related field only.

     AI is different from it. AI have common sense. It can solve problems smartly. It can solve a new problem by depending on its past experience and also able to learn new things from its past mistakes.

      This is a simple article for general people without using any technological terms. AI and ML both are the very advanced topic and it has a bright future. Because we don't explore its full possibilities and full dimensions.


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