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Know about future advance AI technologis

Some mind-blowing future AI technologies:

        In the 18th century if you tell someone that one day we can go to the moon, can fly like birds, or can talk with people 1000 km away from us then what will be their reaction? Probably they would think that you are a madman. But now in present whole, these things are happening. Because time changes. Who knows even this phenomenon which is like impossible to us or like a Sci-fi can be available till 2050.

          Anyways, today you are going to read some amazing future technologies, which researchers are now either in the process or in the final stage and will be available till 2050.

Man can be immortal :

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        After reading this line you may be in shock but it's real. There is a project called Google Calico which mainly researching in this topic. Calico is researching on why people get old and why people die. They are also focusing on the development of some technologies which will decrease your age symptoms. Actually their main focus on to reduce the age and hence ends the deaths.
(In many views this is against law of nature and is not so good)

Gino meditating:

        Gino Meditating is something that we have seen. Where? In Jurassic Park movie. Yes, that is Gino meditating, by which using a DNA of another type of species or lost species can be made again. Research are on its peak for this purpose. It is the future of DNA engineering. In this project, even a mosquito was developed where there was no meleria paraside. Strange but true. May be with the advanced development of this project in future men will be able to precestors.

Smart Homes:

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         Now it's available in some parts of the world, but though we can say this as a future technology.

             Recently a video from Mark Zuckerberg came out about his smart home. Where every electronic product is connected on a networks. Smart homes, it is a magic of IOT and AI. Every product will be connected in a network and central AI network will monitor them. It's something like that, when you entered your home, doors will be automatically open, the light will be depending on your mood etc etc.

Contact lenses:

         You think, how this is a future tech? Yes, contact lenses are not future technology but the future of contact lense technology is changing. There are digital contact lenses are available now. Which have the power to detect your body glucose, body temperature etc. Google and Novartis, in its joint venture, has developed these type of lenses. And who can say, may be in future we will see lenses which can take pictures just like Mission Impossible movie.

Giga pixel cameras:

       What is your phone's camera quality?  5MP, 10MP, 30MP? This is general. But there are more huge quality cameras are also available. Yes but these are not available for general people.

          US energy department recently introduced a LSST 3.2 giga pixel camera. It is mainly a telescopic camera with 189 sensors and 3 mirrors. Its weight is 2.7 ton and it is capable of capturing picture 40 times more greater area than the area of the moon.

Surgical Robots:

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      With the advanced development in AI and robotics sector, now people are thinking to use robots in operation theaters. They are arguing that men are coming with errors and with the use of machines,  this error rate can be reduced.

        Soon we will going to see surgical robots in the market.


      These are some technologies that will be available in the future. The development of AI and machine learning is growing so fast that we will get many of this products very soon. Hope you have enjoyed and learned something new.

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