Thursday, September 13, 2018


AI in its negative use:

         Don't astonish after seeing the title. Today here you are going to read about a killer drone.

        Yes, a killer drone. This drone is capable of identifying suspects of bad people and able to kill them on its own.

        AI and Machine learning is the main thing in Robotics. In this article, we are going to take one example of the negative uses of AI. This article is about the negative side of AI. People always should know both the good and bad sides of anything.

        In 2017 a video came out on YouTube which shocks the world. This 7 min video showed something very astonishing. This video showed a little drone. With the help of AI, face recognition system, it can kill people. Even a people of a city by explosives like a massacre.

   You can watch the video here:


     It's just to believe. This is a small drone with AI facilities, very small in size fast, accurate and unstoppable.

killer robot,killer drone

About this drone technology :

         The launcher of the video called it "Autonomous Anti-Personal System" (APS), which employ an array of cutting-edge AI technology. This is capable of avoiding obstacles in motion. This is trained with the moves &  flying insects. It has face recognition system. It can also recognize its target by its gender, uniform, and ethnicity. It also carries a mini weapon which directly able to shoot in the head.

killer drone

Conclusion :

       As I mentioned before a coin has two sides. It always depends on users. A gun can be used in both offensive and defensive manner.

         This drone is good. It reduces human risk in the case of military uses. But what if ISIS, Boko Haram get it.

         It always depends on uses, how we use anything. Rest is in the readers view. Comment below what you think about it.


  1. Its so smart, but how can it detect the body motion along with eyes motion?

    1. This drone is mot real. They jut made this video for awareness. it shows, how bad it could be.

    2. wake up dude loll if you saw that video, it's alreayd exist from long time ago already ;)