Monday, September 24, 2018


AI Black box and its uses:

AI, black box, ML

            What do we think when the word AI come for non-programmers or technology related people? A picture of some sci-fi movie come out whenever we hear about AI.

         For some people, AI means only Alexa,  Siri or Tesla's automated cars. Yes, you are not wrong. These all are coming with AI and ML features.

But there are a lot more you will astonish when you know that AI can predict some diplomatic situation or advice you on your legal site like how to anticipatory bell etc.

       These all can be happened now, with the help of AI. Yesterday I read an article, where there was written that the jobs of lawyers in danger situation in the US. Because "Watson"  is now capable of giving advice like your attorney. In the next ten years, it will be more developed.

What is AI Black box? 

AI, black box

       Now coming to our topic.
       As I have mentioned in the upper paragraph. Some very complex issues now can be solved by AI. (Increasing development in QUANTUM COMPUTING will help in more development in AI). Sometimes these types of complex issues are done with the help of AI but the operator doesn't know the process. Yes, with the help of its algorithms and self-learning process, some machines solve problems  & it's not possible for the operator to know the process. Because such type of algorithm and calculations can never be solved by any men.

        Or simply we can say AI Black box means that we can understand what goes in and what comes out, but it's not possible to know, what the machine is thinking while processing. For example, if you put a potato in a machine, chips come out and you don't know what is going inside the machine. Then the machine is called the black box. And if this case is happening in the AI field (for AI machine) then it is called AI black box. There is no such black box outside the AI field. Because only an AI compatible machine can think.

Conclusion :

        This is the main concept of AI Black box. But we all know about people's thinking. People can't see what is going under the roof, so they start rumoring like this AI black box always carries out some fear because people can't elaborate on what is going on inside. So, even some government agencies always have an eye on it. But as always I say, there are two sides of a coin and never misunderstand anything by just seeing one side of it.

(This article is for general people. If you are a programmer, then share with your non-programmer non-tech related friends to know more about AI and its prospects)



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