Thursday, September 6, 2018

Python and its uses in AI

Python programming language

      Programming or coding is the core of any computer application. Artificial Intelligence is not also far away from it.
Programming language python

 There are many programming languages that are used in AI applications. It always depends on you in which language you are able to perform well.

       Though there are many languages like C++, Java, LISP. But recently researchers focus on using Python in AI development. But still, languages are always affected by personal preferences and the ability of the developer.

Using Python in AI development causes:

       Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general purpose programming. Python features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. Python is a multi-featured language. The uses of python can't be limited to one activity. It helps in some of the complex processes like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science etc. Why python, nowadays so popular in AI development. Reasons may be like this-

      1. AI has huge algorithms. Using other languages makes it move huge. Whereas using Python makes it shorter comparing to other languages. Writing an algorithm in python is ¹/5 times shorter than other languages.

        2. Python has many libraries for easy uses. It has libraries like Numpy, Seipy, Pybrain which makes coding easy.

        3. Python language has huge use and guide community. If you are a coder then you will find a helper easily who always willing to help in each stage of programming.

       4. Python has a flexibility. By changing just a few terms, which is also easy, you can use the same program on different platforms. This flexibility is a very popular characteristic of python. It works as a backbone and it also helps to link different data structures together.

       5. Python is a good quality documentation. It is easy to learn.


          There are many technical issues in using python. It is a very famous language that helps in AI sectors, mainly because of its flexibility and less code using characters. Here we analyze only five-plus points of python. But there are many more. We will discuss it in future.