Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Nautilus supercomputer


Image source. Pixabay

      Can AI predict anything? The next generation will be able to see the future! Maybe or maybe not.

      But yes, Nautilus a 1024-core supercomputer is able to predict the nature and some upcoming events. Like this, if you are investigating AI outcome day by day then you will be able to see many interesting facts.

      The University of Tennessee's supercomputer Nautilus predicted the revolution of Egypt and with an error of just 200 km, Osama Bin's location in Pakistan.

      Isn't this sounds awesome? yes, with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence this prediction was done by a supercomputer Nautilus.

      A scientist and researcher name Kalev Leetaru had been all news since 1945 and programmed them in Nautilus. The supercomputer then analyzed all data, its impact, and its emotions through its data mining and with the help of ML. It was a hard and complex method. Then the supercomputer predicted the upcoming events and prepared its results through a graph. You can see this bellow. For this process, Mr. Leetaru had to gather almost 100 million news stories since 1945.


Prediction of Arab Spring
Prediction of Egypt Revolution

Prediction of Osama Bin Laden location in Pakistan
Prediction of Osama Bin Laden's location in Pakistan

Story Source : BBC