Saturday, August 25, 2018

Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Jobs in the AI Industry

      The demand for Ai Jobs is increasing day by day. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, facebook, and Uber are hiring highly technical candidates in their AI projects. These companies are offering to $ 300,000 per year, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Other companies from healthcare and finance sectors are also paying in six-digit salaries.

Many jobs are going to disappear because of highly creative technology. But this fields also are creating many jobs. A recent report by Gartner has revealed that "2.3 million new jobs will be available by 2020 in the industry of AI." A lot of growth in jobs is coming from the technology itself.

      Here are major jobs relating to AI Industry ---- 

         1. Machine learning engineers
         2. Data scientists
         3. Research scientists
         4. R & D engineers
         5. Algorithm specialist
         6. Business intelligence developer
         7. Military and aviation specialist
         8. Computer vision engineers

Skills for AI jobs

      Computer knowledge and mathematics are the backbones of AI. Ph.D. in AI or Ph.D. in math or CS will help you to easily get these types of jobs with lucrative salary and high position. This industry needs special technical skills to design, maintain, repair technology and software. And good teamwork capability and communication skills are always needed as like as any other jobs. 

        * choosing the right educational path is important. Click here to know the right path in AI.

       Lastly, best of luck to all readers who want to be an AI specialist and going to change the future for better Humanity And Life.