Sunday, August 5, 2018

Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

    AI or artificial intelligence is an emerging field. In future years it will open a variety of career paths. So people or students who want to make a career in AI, just follow the ways we are discussing below. Here you will only find how to be in AI. Future scopes, jobs, and salaries we will discuss another day.

    HS or Intermediate level.

      In HS level you have to pass out in science stream with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics with near about 60-90%. This percentage will help you to get a seat in good universities or engineering colleges.

    In Undergraduate level or graduate level in the case of India and some countries. (10+2+3).

         In this level, you can choose among many ways of study. You can go for engineering in electronics, Computer science, Robotics, Instrumentation, Nanotechnology or IT. Either you can go for Bsc in IT, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and statistics.
   Some colleges also offer direct admission in in Artificial Intelligence. You can search for them on the web.
       Masters Programme

         This is the main place where you can study actual AI. Because AI is mainly a research subject. In masters courses, the main study of AI begins. Msc in electronics specialization in AI, MSc in computer science, MSc in mathematical computing,  Mtech in computer science, Mtech in machine learning, Mtech in AI, Diploma in machine learning Or diploma in AI will help you to be an expert in AI. You can also go for Ph.D. in AI after MSc in physics, MSc in electronics MSc in Computer science or MSc in mathematics or after Mtech in related fields.
    Here we don't prefer any colleges because it will depend on location and financial condition but MIT, EDINBURGH, CAMBRIDGE will always be the best options. You will find some private institutes to do diploma courses also.
     Lastly, we want to say that AI is a very fast growing field. There will be many opportunities coming in future years. Job opportunities and salary is very good in now and will be available in future times also. So if you want to be an expert in AI than it is a very good decision. Just keep the spirit in you. God bless you.