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AI in Healthcare Sector, Futuristic Thinking

AI in Healthcare

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    In future technology will be no longer as well as at is seemed today. The future of technology is changed day by day with every new thought. When Ayurveda was written no one imagined that blood pressure can be controlled by machines or we will be able to see things with artificial eyes. But nowadays this can be possible and who knows even in the future we can change our genetic chromosomes.

Uses of AI in Healthcare

     Medical science & Healthcare is developing day by day with new technology arrivals. AI and nanotechnology play a vital role in this process.
     Merging of AI in Healthcare just results in a huge change in its point. With the help of AI now machines are eligible to perform Diogenes, treatment and monitoring illness. Even we often here AI beats doctors in competition. Recently it was in the news that an Artificial Intelligence system has recorded a 2-0 victory against physicians in two rounds of competition in Beijing to Diogenes brain tumors and predicts the expansion of brain hematomas. Now with the help of AI machines, patients are talking to chatbots and AI assistants, which outcome is that no patient goes unnoticed or unattended. Actually, Sophia was created only for this purpose so that she can interact with patients, nursing them and make them happy.
      Many companies now focusing their branches in increasing AI and health care integrated products. Companies like IBM, GE HEALTHCARE, PHILIPS, MICROSOFT are developing and researching in this field. Microsoft Azure is like that kind of platform who delivers cloud-based services to healthcare sectors.

Image source: pixabay

      The main aim of merging AI in Healthcare is to analyze the relationship between prevention or treatment and patients recovery. Actually, in Healthcare, AI is mainly used in diagnosis, nursing drugs development etc. According to Wikipedia, “ Artificial intelligence in Healthcare is the use of algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data.” Recently in news was that AI uses in cancer treatment will reduce the toxic level. It means that in future we will see AI treatment in complex diseases treatments.


     In conclusion, we can we say one thing that after GOD we give second place to doctors. Uses machines in Healthcare no doubt gives a good result till now. Uses of machines in health care is good in fact very progressive, but will it be better to give full control to machines, as it has no emotions. Only time can give this answer. Let’s hope for the best and hope that we will see some of the complex treatments can be done with machines an AI with less money and fewer efforts and risks.

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