Wednesday, August 15, 2018

AI in Automobile Industry. Its future prospects

AI in the Automobile Industry 

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     As we all are hearing that the job of drivers will not be available in the upcoming 10 to 20 years.  Is it true? Maybe or maybe not. I can't assure you on that but we can say that there are lots of new innovation are coming in the automobile industry. Implementation of AI in automobile industry changes a huge part of it.  Now we find driver-less cars, speech recognition,  GPS guides and many more with the help of new technology and AI. Tractica a website, forecast that the market for automotive hardware, software and services will grow from $404 million in 2016 to $14 billion by 2025

   How AI helps:-

        AI is helping in many factors of the automobile industry. Many big companies like Google,  Tesla,  Audi,  BMW, Mercedes are investing a lot in their R&D projects to develop more in the process of merging the AI and car industry.

      How AI helps in this industry,  Here's a summary:-

      1. Increase the connectivity:- Merging of AI and automobile industry will help in connectivity. How? New AI features improve connections between vehicles to vehicles. This will help its company and vehicle owners. With the help of AI software, people can be easily connected with other vehicles,  drivers and other persons as well as. This will increase the safety purpose of the passengers. 

      2. Assistance in driving:- Oh, this is a very famous point as will all know about Tesla. In near future, we will see cars without drivers. Many companies are now developing automatic cars and soon we will go to see them on the roads. This is helping only with the help of AI and machine learning.
       3. Internet of things:- Merging of AI and IOT results a huge profit in every field. One report has said that by 2020,  250 million cars will be connected to the internet. This process will help people, dealers, and manufacturers. Through this process, real-time data can be tracked. Hence improvement in manufacturer and stability can be delivered quickly.

     4. Cloud-hosted intelligence:- This is a new field. This system allows cloud hosting in the automotive industry. Real-time traffic, connectivity, assistance all will be very easy with this system.

    5. Help in traffic system:- This will be very useful comparing all other things to all general peoples. AI machines will gather data from traffic camera's and traffic department computers and make the traffic management system steady and good by sending real-time traffic data directly to your cars.
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Conclusion :

      Many companies like Audi,  Tesla, BMW, Mercedes are investing to make better results in the implementation of AI in the automobile industry. We will see many new solutions soon in near future. Because AI machines not only just follow the rules but they are also able to find solutions to new problems.


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