Friday, August 10, 2018

Difference between AI and Human Intelligence, should AI copy Human brain?

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Difference between Human and Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence.

              AI is gradually in its progress. Is AI and Human Intelligence same? Should Artificial Intelligence copy the human brain? Today we are going to figure out some differences between Human and Artificial Intelligence. But before this, we have to understand what is intelligence.
What is Intelligence?
              The ability to calculate, perception creation, consciousness, reasoning, problem-solving, learn from experiences comprehend complex ideas, imagine and adopt new ideas etc is mainly called intelligence.
              Actually, the ability of problem-solving, learn from experiences and imagine and adapt to new situations can be mainly called as intelligence. We people generally define intelligence of something or someone with just depend on problem-solving and learning method.
             Intelligence is intangible and composed of—
1. Reasoning
2. Learning
3. Problem-solving
4. Perception
5. Linguistic
According to psychologists, intelligence is multidimensional. These are can be like this—
1. Spiritual
2. Naturalist
3. Musical
4. Logical & Mathematical
5. Existential
6. Interpersonal
7. Bodily-kinesthetic
8. Linguistic

Difference between Human and Machine Intelligence {AI}

              The main difference between human and machine is that we have feelings and they don’t. Humans process themselves through brain and machines through programs.
              Humans perceive by patterns and machines perceive by a set of rules and data.
              Humans store and recall information by patterns and machines do it through algorithms.
              Humans can figure out the complete object even if some part of it is missing. But in the case of machine intelligence, they can not do the same.
              Human intelligence is always affected by emotions but Machines have no emotions.


             There can be many more differences in terms of science & Mathematics. But in this article, we only emphasize those main differences which can be easily understood by the general people.

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