Thursday, August 9, 2018

Uses Of AI, News on Trend.

Image source: pexel

 Artificial Intelligence in Business World
    AI becomes so advance in nowadays that it can be perfectionists in many works. As we all know that the main difference between machine and man is feeling. We have feelings and we are always somehow bounded by these. In our daily works, taking decisions, solving problems we somehow depend on feelings { though how much professional we are.}. And this effect our professional life also. It can be good or bad both. For these feelings, we have community gaps, racism etc. 
         As we all know the machine has no feelings. It only performs the work for what it is made or programmed. So now MNCs and Corporates starts to depend on machines in critical decisions making processes.
         Recently a news on its trend that some companies from now will use AI for there recruitment process. AI advocates argue that technology can perform better than human because in recent times it is seen that feelings matters in these type of decision making. People always take these decisions on basis of professionalism and feelings. Sometimes a 97% holder gets a job and 99% holder doesn’t. It is depending on the men who recruit. But in the case of machines, this cannot happen. AI uses Machine learning process to detect the skills needed for certain job. Then AI matches candidates who have those skills with open positions.
         This process will help companies to find the most illegible persons comparing to traditional recruitment system. But we are all human being and feelings always matter for us.