Thursday, August 30, 2018

AI in Space Science

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy

        We have seen many sci-fi movies, where AI is used in the spacecraft. From A Space Odyssey to Interstellar we have seen many futuristic techs, which are still futuristic. But we have really some hi-tech machines that are used by space agencies. In real life machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is used in astronomy and space science. Organizations like NASA and ESA has been researching in this field for many years. Many processes are introduced and many are now under revision.

Ai in space science

        Here we are going to analyze some topics on how AI is or can be used in space science.

        Nowadays each and every space agencies focusing their goal to establish a human community on space or focusing on man mission to space. For this reason, automatic planning and scheduling is traditionally the most studied field within AI for space. Hence we are going to analyze them in simple language so that common people can be able to understand them.

    1. Distributed AI with application to space system can help in the analysis of large quantities of data to solve the global optimization problem. Satellites are orbited to gather information. Satellites send its data to space stations here on earth. And here large computer network analyze then. Distributing data analysis help the dependency between different computations. Introducing atomization in this field will result in accuracy. However, it's not fully possible yet. But a preliminary version of this intelligent server is being developed and tested for the final purpose of being able to automatically carry out the whole trajectory optimization process without any expert supervision.

   2. A feature of AI which is swarm intelligence is used in space technologies. Swarm intelligence is that type of intelligence where machines can behave similarly adapting to its natural surroundings. Space technologies are limited in terms of mobility, communication, and size. So by using these methods of AI, this problems can be optimized. So that agents can survive in less known or unknown environment of space. Recently this motivation led a number of researchers to simulate some degree of swarm intelligence in a number of space system to investigate their behavior.

   3. AI can be used in spacecraft for its self-awareness projects. Now spacecraft are dependent on their space stations for their health status. But ML and AI have a huge advantage in helping this situation out of trend. Using a data-driven method which is mainly data mining and Machine Learning techniques, the system can sensor, diagnose its components and fix its parts and in need apart its components. NASA's Integrated Health Management System is one example where they are developing this type of software which are highly capable of doing so.

Conclusion :

                This is just an overview what space station are now developing in their AI field. Recently a news comes that NASA is developing AI with the help of IBM to give directions in space.
         These are some certain ways that space agencies carry out to make some atomization in space industry with the help of Artificial intelligence.

N:B AI= Artificial Intelligence    ML= Machine Learning


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