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AI in Space Science

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy

        We have seen many sci-fi movies, where AI is used in the spacecraft. From A Space Odyssey to Interstellar we have seen many futuristic techs, which are still futuristic. But we have really some hi-tech machines that are used by space agencies. In real life machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is used in astronomy and space science. Organizations like NASA and ESA has been researching in this field for many years. Many processes are introduced and many are now under revision.

Ai in space science

        Here we are going to analyze some topics on how AI is or can be used in space science.

        Nowadays each and every space agencies focusing their goal to establish a human community on space or focusing on man mission to space. For this reason, automatic planning and scheduling is traditionally the most studied field within AI for space. Hence we are going to analyze them in simple language so that common people can be able to understand them.

    1. Distributed AI with application to space system can help in the analysis of large quantities of data to solve the global optimization problem. Satellites are orbited to gather information. Satellites send its data to space stations here on earth. And here large computer network analyze then. Distributing data analysis help the dependency between different computations. Introducing atomization in this field will result in accuracy. However, it's not fully possible yet. But a preliminary version of this intelligent server is being developed and tested for the final purpose of being able to automatically carry out the whole trajectory optimization process without any expert supervision.

   2. A feature of AI which is swarm intelligence is used in space technologies. Swarm intelligence is that type of intelligence where machines can behave similarly adapting to its natural surroundings. Space technologies are limited in terms of mobility, communication, and size. So by using these methods of AI, this problems can be optimized. So that agents can survive in less known or unknown environment of space. Recently this motivation led a number of researchers to simulate some degree of swarm intelligence in a number of space system to investigate their behavior.

   3. AI can be used in spacecraft for its self-awareness projects. Now spacecraft are dependent on their space stations for their health status. But ML and AI have a huge advantage in helping this situation out of trend. Using a data-driven method which is mainly data mining and Machine Learning techniques, the system can sensor, diagnose its components and fix its parts and in need apart its components. NASA's Integrated Health Management System is one example where they are developing this type of software which are highly capable of doing so.

Conclusion :

                This is just an overview what space station are now developing in their AI field. Recently a news comes that NASA is developing AI with the help of IBM to give directions in space.
         These are some certain ways that space agencies carry out to make some atomization in space industry with the help of Artificial intelligence.

N:B AI= Artificial Intelligence    ML= Machine Learning

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Nautilus supercomputer


Image source. Pixabay

      Can AI predict anything? The next generation will be able to see the future! Maybe or maybe not.

      But yes, Nautilus a 1024-core supercomputer is able to predict the nature and some upcoming events. Like this, if you are investigating AI outcome day by day then you will be able to see many interesting facts.

      The University of Tennessee's supercomputer Nautilus predicted the revolution of Egypt and with an error of just 200 km, Osama Bin's location in Pakistan.

      Isn't this sounds awesome? yes, with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence this prediction was done by a supercomputer Nautilus.

      A scientist and researcher name Kalev Leetaru had been all news since 1945 and programmed them in Nautilus. The supercomputer then analyzed all data, its impact, and its emotions through its data mining and with the help of ML. It was a hard and complex method. Then the supercomputer predicted the upcoming events and prepared its results through a graph. You can see this bellow. For this process, Mr. Leetaru had to gather almost 100 million news stories since 1945.


Prediction of Arab Spring
Prediction of Egypt Revolution

Prediction of Osama Bin Laden location in Pakistan
Prediction of Osama Bin Laden's location in Pakistan

Story Source : BBC

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Jobs in the AI Industry

      The demand for Ai Jobs is increasing day by day. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, facebook, and Uber are hiring highly technical candidates in their AI projects. These companies are offering to $ 300,000 per year, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Other companies from healthcare and finance sectors are also paying in six-digit salaries.

Many jobs are going to disappear because of highly creative technology. But this fields also are creating many jobs. A recent report by Gartner has revealed that "2.3 million new jobs will be available by 2020 in the industry of AI." A lot of growth in jobs is coming from the technology itself.

      Here are major jobs relating to AI Industry ---- 

         1. Machine learning engineers
         2. Data scientists
         3. Research scientists
         4. R & D engineers
         5. Algorithm specialist
         6. Business intelligence developer
         7. Military and aviation specialist
         8. Computer vision engineers

Skills for AI jobs

      Computer knowledge and mathematics are the backbones of AI. Ph.D. in AI or Ph.D. in math or CS will help you to easily get these types of jobs with lucrative salary and high position. This industry needs special technical skills to design, maintain, repair technology and software. And good teamwork capability and communication skills are always needed as like as any other jobs. 

        * choosing the right educational path is important. Click here to know the right path in AI.

       Lastly, best of luck to all readers who want to be an AI specialist and going to change the future for better Humanity And Life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Blockchain; The future Technology, a positive study

What is blockchain?

    Blockchain, we all hear this term since 2018. The blockchain is a commonly distributed ledger to control the cryptocurrency. It is a chain of blocks which contain data. It is a very secure process blockchain is the backbone of digital transactions of cryptocurrency. It is a method of a long rope, where many systems are bounded for a record so that no one can individually change anything. 

      Actually, we can say that it is not a new method,. It is a mixer of three methods -----

     1. Internet
     2. Cryptography
     3. Protocol system

     The first blockchain was introduced in 2008 for dealing cryptocurrency from Nakamoto by a man or a group of men.

Positive Sides
      As we know it is used in cryptocurrency so it is a very secure system. Nowadays many central banks start researching in blockchain system to make digital currency system. Because through this currency digitization can be securely run. Though it is a public ledger, so anyone can acquire the knowledge of the current economy but no one can change it. And also users are get updated in real time without wasting time. Blockchain ends the third party system and establishes a one-on-one system between people. 

      For example, if we have to send money to you then we have to go to the band and send money. The transaction is made through banks and the bank recorded all the data. But in Blockchain technology, we can directly send money to you and records are kept in blocks. (In simple words) In general, a bank manage all the transaction and they have the authority but in the blockchain, authority comes to your hand and transaction can be performed with your permission only. Hence every user of the chain can get the information of the transaction but no one can do it without the permission of the specific authority (That is you or the user of that transaction). But this is not only the process. Other user or a specific group of the user should validate your transaction to be true and perfect. So no out of source transaction can be made.
        Where blockchain can be uses in a good manner to develop our society -
     1. Legal prospects of health sectors.
     2. Notary and individual storage.
     3  Subsidy distribution and land record system.
     4. Book keeping of Government development policies.
     5. Digital identification, e-procurement system, and digital voting system. 


          Though it is always emphasized for its illegal uses, this technology can be use in many positive ways in near future.  Positively using blockchain technology will make a huge revolution towards development of human culture.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Why Facebook had to stop one of its AI projects?

Facebook had to shut down an AI project         

     Image source: pixabay

                    As we know, companies are investing a huge amount in their R&D department for upgrading the AI levels in their products. Each and every huge software and computer companies are researching in development of Artificial Intelligence. But results are not always come in a perfect way. Last year a case of such kind was in the news when Facebook (One of the biggest and popular platforms of social media and computer science) had to shut down its one project on the development of AI.
      Facebook quits an experiment when their two chatbots were developing a new language and started to interact with each other in 2017. This new language was just mysterious to people and men couldn't understand their language.

Image source: pixabay 
         Facebook created these chatbots to interact with each other with the help of AI. Their task was to negotiate on trade, balls, and books etc. As the process went on the chatbots "Bob"  and "Alice"  did something amazing and mysterious.

We just put their conversation here:
     Bob: I can I I everything else............
     Alice: Balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to
    Bob: You I everything else............
    Alice: Balls have a ball to me to me to me to me to me to me to me

      In this way, they went on for many speeches.
       Is this not a bizarre situation?  Yes, of course.  This negotiation was ended up successful but the language was unable to understand. Maybe Facebook has to quite this experiments because this could be going against humanity. However, Facebook considers their shutdown situation as the failure in development only. Their researcher Mike Lewis said that "our interest was having bots who could talk to people" but they could not. So they have to stop that.
             This type of cases is not seen for the first time. In 2017 google face same problem. A system in Google uses its own language to translate tools. We will discuss this topic in the future.
       But here's a question always arise. Will AI be useful to the human being or as Stephen Hawkins said it gonna give us a huge risk towards humanity.

N: B  comment below what do you think and share your knowledge if you know about this type of interesting facts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

AI in Automobile Industry. Its future prospects

AI in the Automobile Industry 

                               image source.pixabay
     As we all are hearing that the job of drivers will not be available in the upcoming 10 to 20 years.  Is it true? Maybe or maybe not. I can't assure you on that but we can say that there are lots of new innovation are coming in the automobile industry. Implementation of AI in automobile industry changes a huge part of it.  Now we find driver-less cars, speech recognition,  GPS guides and many more with the help of new technology and AI. Tractica a website, forecast that the market for automotive hardware, software and services will grow from $404 million in 2016 to $14 billion by 2025

   How AI helps:-

        AI is helping in many factors of the automobile industry. Many big companies like Google,  Tesla,  Audi,  BMW, Mercedes are investing a lot in their R&D projects to develop more in the process of merging the AI and car industry.

      How AI helps in this industry,  Here's a summary:-

      1. Increase the connectivity:- Merging of AI and automobile industry will help in connectivity. How? New AI features improve connections between vehicles to vehicles. This will help its company and vehicle owners. With the help of AI software, people can be easily connected with other vehicles,  drivers and other persons as well as. This will increase the safety purpose of the passengers. 

      2. Assistance in driving:- Oh, this is a very famous point as will all know about Tesla. In near future, we will see cars without drivers. Many companies are now developing automatic cars and soon we will go to see them on the roads. This is helping only with the help of AI and machine learning.
       3. Internet of things:- Merging of AI and IOT results a huge profit in every field. One report has said that by 2020,  250 million cars will be connected to the internet. This process will help people, dealers, and manufacturers. Through this process, real-time data can be tracked. Hence improvement in manufacturer and stability can be delivered quickly.

     4. Cloud-hosted intelligence:- This is a new field. This system allows cloud hosting in the automotive industry. Real-time traffic, connectivity, assistance all will be very easy with this system.

    5. Help in traffic system:- This will be very useful comparing all other things to all general peoples. AI machines will gather data from traffic camera's and traffic department computers and make the traffic management system steady and good by sending real-time traffic data directly to your cars.
                            image source. Pixabay

Conclusion :

      Many companies like Audi,  Tesla, BMW, Mercedes are investing to make better results in the implementation of AI in the automobile industry. We will see many new solutions soon in near future. Because AI machines not only just follow the rules but they are also able to find solutions to new problems.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

AI in Healthcare Sector, Futuristic Thinking

AI in Healthcare

Image source. Pixabay

    In future technology will be no longer as well as at is seemed today. The future of technology is changed day by day with every new thought. When Ayurveda was written no one imagined that blood pressure can be controlled by machines or we will be able to see things with artificial eyes. But nowadays this can be possible and who knows even in the future we can change our genetic chromosomes.

Uses of AI in Healthcare

     Medical science & Healthcare is developing day by day with new technology arrivals. AI and nanotechnology play a vital role in this process.
     Merging of AI in Healthcare just results in a huge change in its point. With the help of AI now machines are eligible to perform Diogenes, treatment and monitoring illness. Even we often here AI beats doctors in competition. Recently it was in the news that an Artificial Intelligence system has recorded a 2-0 victory against physicians in two rounds of competition in Beijing to Diogenes brain tumors and predicts the expansion of brain hematomas. Now with the help of AI machines, patients are talking to chatbots and AI assistants, which outcome is that no patient goes unnoticed or unattended. Actually, Sophia was created only for this purpose so that she can interact with patients, nursing them and make them happy.
      Many companies now focusing their branches in increasing AI and health care integrated products. Companies like IBM, GE HEALTHCARE, PHILIPS, MICROSOFT are developing and researching in this field. Microsoft Azure is like that kind of platform who delivers cloud-based services to healthcare sectors.

Image source: pixabay

      The main aim of merging AI in Healthcare is to analyze the relationship between prevention or treatment and patients recovery. Actually, in Healthcare, AI is mainly used in diagnosis, nursing drugs development etc. According to Wikipedia, “ Artificial intelligence in Healthcare is the use of algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data.” Recently in news was that AI uses in cancer treatment will reduce the toxic level. It means that in future we will see AI treatment in complex diseases treatments.


     In conclusion, we can we say one thing that after GOD we give second place to doctors. Uses machines in Healthcare no doubt gives a good result till now. Uses of machines in health care is good in fact very progressive, but will it be better to give full control to machines, as it has no emotions. Only time can give this answer. Let’s hope for the best and hope that we will see some of the complex treatments can be done with machines an AI with less money and fewer efforts and risks.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Difference between AI and Human Intelligence, should AI copy Human brain?

                   Image source. Pixel

Difference between Human and Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence.

              AI is gradually in its progress. Is AI and Human Intelligence same? Should Artificial Intelligence copy the human brain? Today we are going to figure out some differences between Human and Artificial Intelligence. But before this, we have to understand what is intelligence.
What is Intelligence?
              The ability to calculate, perception creation, consciousness, reasoning, problem-solving, learn from experiences comprehend complex ideas, imagine and adopt new ideas etc is mainly called intelligence.
              Actually, the ability of problem-solving, learn from experiences and imagine and adapt to new situations can be mainly called as intelligence. We people generally define intelligence of something or someone with just depend on problem-solving and learning method.
             Intelligence is intangible and composed of—
1. Reasoning
2. Learning
3. Problem-solving
4. Perception
5. Linguistic
According to psychologists, intelligence is multidimensional. These are can be like this—
1. Spiritual
2. Naturalist
3. Musical
4. Logical & Mathematical
5. Existential
6. Interpersonal
7. Bodily-kinesthetic
8. Linguistic

Difference between Human and Machine Intelligence {AI}

              The main difference between human and machine is that we have feelings and they don’t. Humans process themselves through brain and machines through programs.
              Humans perceive by patterns and machines perceive by a set of rules and data.
              Humans store and recall information by patterns and machines do it through algorithms.
              Humans can figure out the complete object even if some part of it is missing. But in the case of machine intelligence, they can not do the same.
              Human intelligence is always affected by emotions but Machines have no emotions.


             There can be many more differences in terms of science & Mathematics. But in this article, we only emphasize those main differences which can be easily understood by the general people.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Uses Of AI, News on Trend.

Image source: pexel

 Artificial Intelligence in Business World
    AI becomes so advance in nowadays that it can be perfectionists in many works. As we all know that the main difference between machine and man is feeling. We have feelings and we are always somehow bounded by these. In our daily works, taking decisions, solving problems we somehow depend on feelings { though how much professional we are.}. And this effect our professional life also. It can be good or bad both. For these feelings, we have community gaps, racism etc. 
         As we all know the machine has no feelings. It only performs the work for what it is made or programmed. So now MNCs and Corporates starts to depend on machines in critical decisions making processes.
         Recently a news on its trend that some companies from now will use AI for there recruitment process. AI advocates argue that technology can perform better than human because in recent times it is seen that feelings matters in these type of decision making. People always take these decisions on basis of professionalism and feelings. Sometimes a 97% holder gets a job and 99% holder doesn’t. It is depending on the men who recruit. But in the case of machines, this cannot happen. AI uses Machine learning process to detect the skills needed for certain job. Then AI matches candidates who have those skills with open positions.
         This process will help companies to find the most illegible persons comparing to traditional recruitment system. But we are all human being and feelings always matter for us. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Does AI begin the end of human culture? A survey.

  Survey on Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial intelligence is a very emerging field. But people like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk Strongly oppose this development. According to Stephen Hawking depending on full AI will destroy the human race.
   It may be true or may be not so here we are opening a survey of what people think about it? You can post your comments down. Please share your thoughts to make this world a better place.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Some Applications of AI in real-life. 

             Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field. It is a futuristic technology. Now also you will find many areas of applications of AI. It has been dominating in various fields. Some of them are as follows.

             1. Gaming: In gaming programs machine always has to think in its own process. AI plays a vital role in games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe etc.
Uses of AI

      2. Expert system: There are some applications which integrate machine, software and special information to import reasonings and advising. This application uses AI widely.
      3. Natural language processing: Through AI process  it is now possible to interact with computers with the language of human being.
      4. Vision system: Through the system computers understand interpret and comprehend visual input. 
For example –
(i) A spying aeroplane takes photographs.
(ii) Doctors uses clinical system to daigonise.

Uses of AI

(iii) Police uses software to recognize the face of criminals.
      5. Speech Recognition: Some systems are capable of hearing and comprehending the language in terms of sentences and can process their meaning which is now widely used in Alexa, Google assistant, Siri and other thing also.
     6. Intelligent robot: AI is widely used in robotics. Actually we can say that AI and machine learning are the base of robotics.
Uses of Artificial Intelligence
              Now a days some robots are so intelligent that they can learn from their mistakes and also from surroundings.
              Here we only emphasize on 6 widely used sectors of AI. But their are more uses of it. In future we will see many more applications, hence its research is in progress.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

History Of Artificial Intelligence

History Of Artificial Intelligence

     As we all know Artificial Intelligence is a deep research of machine learning. It is new to the general world. But the scientist has been emphasizing in this area since an early 20th century. We are discussing here a short history of AI.

YEAR                                            MILESTONE/INNOVATION
1923:- Karel Capek play named "Rossum's universal robots" (RUR) opens in London, the first use of the word "robot" in English.

1943:-  Foundations for neural networks laid.

1945:- Isaac Asimov, a Columbia University alumni, coined the term Robotics.

1950:-  Alan Turing introduced Turing test for evaluation of intelligence and published computing machinery and intelligence. Claude Shannon published a detailed analysis of chess playing as a search.

1956:-  John McCarthy coined the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Demonstration of the first running AI program at Carnegie Mellon University.

1958:-  John McCarthy invents LISP programming language for AI.

1964:- Danny Bobrow's dissertation at MIT showed that computers can understand the natural language well enough to solve algebra word problems correctly.

1965:-  Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT built ELIZA, an interactive problem that carries on a dialogue in English.

1969:- Scientists at Stanford Research Institute Developed Shakey, a robot, equipped with locomotion, perception, and problem-solving.

1973:- The Assembly Robotics group at Edinburgh University built Freddy, the Famous Scottish Robot, capable of using vision to locate and assemble models.

1979:-  The first computer-controlled autonomous vehicle, Stanford cart, was built.

1985:-  Harold Cohen created and demonstrated the drawing program, Aaron.

1997:- The Deep Blue chess program beats the then world chess champion, Garry Kasparov.

2000:- Interactive robot pets become commercially available. MIT displays Kismet, a robot with a face that expresses emotions. The robot Nomad explores remote regions of Antarctica and locates meteorites.

Major advances in all areas of AI - 

            > Significant demonstration in machine learning
            > Case-based reasoning
            > Multi-agent planning
            > Scheduling
            > Data mining, Web crawler
            > natural languages understanding and translation
            > Vision, Virtual Reality
            > Games

And Now we are seeing Uses of AI in Many areas. All these can be happened because of the serious, dedicated researches of above incidents.

Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

    AI or artificial intelligence is an emerging field. In future years it will open a variety of career paths. So people or students who want to make a career in AI, just follow the ways we are discussing below. Here you will only find how to be in AI. Future scopes, jobs, and salaries we will discuss another day.

    HS or Intermediate level.

      In HS level you have to pass out in science stream with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics with near about 60-90%. This percentage will help you to get a seat in good universities or engineering colleges.

    In Undergraduate level or graduate level in the case of India and some countries. (10+2+3).

         In this level, you can choose among many ways of study. You can go for engineering in electronics, Computer science, Robotics, Instrumentation, Nanotechnology or IT. Either you can go for Bsc in IT, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and statistics.
   Some colleges also offer direct admission in B.tech in Artificial Intelligence. You can search for them on the web.
       Masters Programme

         This is the main place where you can study actual AI. Because AI is mainly a research subject. In masters courses, the main study of AI begins. Msc in electronics specialization in AI, MSc in computer science, MSc in mathematical computing,  Mtech in computer science, Mtech in machine learning, Mtech in AI, Diploma in machine learning Or diploma in AI will help you to be an expert in AI. You can also go for Ph.D. in AI after MSc in physics, MSc in electronics MSc in Computer science or MSc in mathematics or after Mtech in related fields.
    Here we don't prefer any colleges because it will depend on location and financial condition but MIT, EDINBURGH, CAMBRIDGE will always be the best options. You will find some private institutes to do diploma courses also.
     Lastly, we want to say that AI is a very fast growing field. There will be many opportunities coming in future years. Job opportunities and salary is very good in now and will be available in future times also. So if you want to be an expert in AI than it is a very good decision. Just keep the spirit in you. God bless you.

All about Artificial Intelligence, A futuristic technology

Artificial Intelligence

 Hey guys, maybe all we heard about Sophia, the most intelligent robot in the world, which gets its citizenship of UAE in recent times. Ok, you might not hear about Sophia but you certainly use Siri or Google assistant or Alexa.
     All these are coming from the development of AI or the Artificial Intelligence. AI is a new term, isn't it? Yes, it is a new term for the general people of the world but compared to science and technology it is not a new term. For many years scientists have been focusing on AI which results that we are using Siri, Alexa or Google assistant nowadays.
     Artificial intelligence is a deep process of machine learning. AI is an intelligence programme demonstrated by machine. We can define AI as intelligence agents that are used in devices and machines to study its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.
      Though there were many platforms for AI now the main field of AI research was born at a workshop at Dartmouth College in 1956. The founders and leaders of AI were Allen Newell, Herbert Simon,  John Mccarthy, Marvin Minsky, and Arthur Samuel.
     In that time AI was mainly developed and used in govt & defense purposes. But as times changes this field opened many ways of its uses. In the early 80's, AI revived by the commercial success of experts system, a form of AI programme that simulated the knowledge and analytical skills of human experts. By 1985 AI market reached over a billion dollars. In the 90s decade, people began AI uses in logistic, data mining, medical diagnosis, and other areas. AI has mainly received its fame when an AI game Deep Blue becomes the first chess-playing computer program that beat then current chess champion Garry Kasparov on 11th may 1997. And nowadays you can see AI in almost everywhere.
       But many scientists opposed this area of AI. Among these people, there are like Stephen Hawking Elon Musk and Bill Gates main.
       According to Hawking "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." Elon Musk the greatest entrepreneur quoted that "just keep an eye on what's going on with artificial intelligence. I think there is potentially a dangerous outcome there
       We can't say AI is useful harmful now. But we can see nowadays it is mainly used for good purpose and development of human culture. But time has its power to change everything we should have always an eye in AI development.
Artificial intelligence